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An informal process allowing teachers to enhance and grow their skill set and knowledge. The program is tailored to the individual needs of each participant so the focus can be directed towards pre or post natal, injury prevention and treatment, small props, One to Ones, bodyrolling or simply how to get employed. Mentorship allows for an open interplay of ideas to help take you to the next level. Continued study is what differentiates amazing teachers from run of the mill teachers.

Sessions are charged by my hourly rate $90 + tax


  • 2-3 classes per week (2 with me, 3rd anything you like)
  • 1 Private per month (6 in total)
  • Reading list
  • 1 class taught to me per month
  • Final exam
  • Practical- I view your practise
  • You teaching a class
  • Written multiple choice (exam)
  • Case study-bio and suggested program
  • Attendance to all the modular sessions
  • weekly contact time Q&A

Cost: $2,500 + tax

Modular Teacher Training

Each Module can be taken as a stand alone course to further your knowledge as a teacher or dedicated student. A certificate of attendance will be provided and if you take all six of the modules you will have an opportunity to take an exam for Pilates Inspired (PI)certification by my school the European Pilates Association (EPA). EPA was founded in 2006 in Madrid with the intention of ensuring quality Yoga-Pilates teaching. Its purpose is to guarantee that the curriculum, class content and instructions students receive meet the appropriate standards for training in Yoga Pilates internationally. This means you can teach and get insurance any where.

Each module is full of concepts as opposed to specific exercises. I will be drawing from Pilates, yoga, Feldenchrist and my martial arts background. All types of movement will be considered and concepts will be overlayed on the exercises, so feel free to bring your favourite pose. Please bring a camera, pen and paper, or Dictaphone (or both).

Breathing and Movement

Fundamentally important to living moving and enjoying the process, is our breath. In this module we will explore a variety of Pranayamas / breathing exercises and taste their cooling (calming) or heating (stimulating) properties. We will consider the affects of different types of breathing on movement and emotion, as well as looking at the anatomy behind our breathing. Finally concluding with which breath when?
"If you learn nothing else today, learn how to breathe correctly " - Joe Pilates

The inner and outer core of the pelvis and the body's 8 (or maybe more) Diaphragms.

We will learn about the anatomy of the "inner "and "outer" core of the pelvis and how we functionally balance the two. As we explore stability in the pelvis we will see how it provides stability to the body as a whole while considering the body's 8 diaphragms which creates a pressure chamber control in our system. Each diaphragm in the body stimulates other planes of horizontal tissue ie: diaphragms to respond and lift or drop. This gives us ease-full motion and tensegrity, allowing us to play with gravity vs being played with by gravity.

The rotator cuff and keeping your head on your shoulders

Examining the importance of stability of the shoulder girdle and head position. As our body finds its true alignment it can relate to itself with increased ease and less injury. We will stimulate the upper back to engage and maintain a healthy balance with the front body through chest openers. This often corrects head position. So instead of feeling the weight of our own head we can find balance and ease with it on top.

The Spine and Core control

As Editha Hearn put it "you are as young as your spine". Healthy motion for your spine feeds and nourishes your whole body and stimulates healthy organ function. For the spine to move through all of its potential ranges of motion, it needs support from the core and its natural curves. The support needs to be intelligent and transitioning to allow the spine to have multiple functions simultaneously. The curves need to have balanced forces acting upon them, letting them be tensile structures where push matches pull. This allows us to have a teenagers spine!

Integrated motion

We never want to become the centipede stuck on a branch as it considers how to walk having forgotten which foot goes first. So many of the actions we carry out daily without conscious thought require our entire system to be related and integrated. We all seek improvement of our body's ability; to sense muscular activity, pressure and subtle changes in stability, allowing us to us to improve functional mobility. To move with ease we need to find natural alignment allowing all of our muscles to carry out their intended tasks, letting the two main control centers (the brain and the core) relate them.

Trouble tell me

Bring your questions and problems from themes previously discussed or other sources.

Cost: Individual modules $250 + tax, or all modules $1,300 + tax.


  • Multiple choice (base on ALL modules)
  • Case study with suggested exercise program
  • Practical exam, both teaching and taking a class.

Cost: $75 + tax



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