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"Amari has been teaching me pilates for a couple of years now, and over time my flexibility, strength and posture have improved immensely. I always look forward to Amari's classes, knowing that she will provide exactly what my body needs that day, whether it's a serious all over stretch or an intense core workout. Her classes are relaxed and fun with lots of variety, and I would do a class every day if I could!"
Tanya Alders
Accountant, X-treme Finance, Flight Centre
"I've been a student of Amari's Pilates and Yoga teaching for over 3 years and now cannot imagine my life that didn't incorporate Pilates and Yoga practice. When I first started working with Amari, I hadn't really heard of Pilates, and had no idea what my core even was, much less how to engage it! Most of the physical movements or postures that seemed impossible when I started are now feasible, some almost without my noticing. If there's a pose or range of movement I can't seem to do or a stretch I can't find, it's never an issue as Amari has seemingly endless patience and will try different approaches until one is found that works for me.

While the practice's general focus is on the physicality, Amari never forgets about the spiritual side either. Whether it's simply taking note of how any particular area of my body is feeling, without judgment good or bad, or visualizing my breath moving through-out myself, or focusing on 'letting go' of tension, I always come out of class feeling healthier emotionally, spiritually and physically. Amari has a unique ability to sense exactly what I need on any individual day, even if I don't. For that, and all the reasons above, I highly value Amari's teachings and time invested into me.

I'll happily recommend her to anyone who is interested in Yoga or Pilates."
Megan Dunn
Accountant, Corporate Traveler
"Amari has been my pilates teacher for a few years. At each class, she demonstrates a truly remarkable depth of knowledge of pilates and anatomy. I have seen her teach people of all abilities, and those with varying disabilities, with very great success and to the great benefit of all her students. Most importantly, she is HILARIOUS. She never fails to make me laugh (even when sweating through 'the hundreds'). I am very grateful to have Amari as a teacher."
Cathy Figol
Aboriginal Law Section Advisory Services, Department of Justice
"I have been a Pilates student of Amari's since I began practicing 4 years ago. Her unfailing patience, extensive knowledge & incredible sense of humour has turned exercise from a chore into an enjoyable experience....with fantastic results! I have seen the positive changes in how I feel and look time & time again ~ Amari has been there with advice, encouragement and support every step of the way."
Laura Kern
Travel Manager, Corporate Traveler Marine
"Having battled hypermobility my entire athletic career, I have always been hindered with injuries. With Amari's help over the last couple of years, I have managed to be mostly-injury-free and feel fitter than ever! She has really helped me find my core! Amari's intuitive sense of the body, specific exercises, and clear explanations enable her to hone in on a person's weaknesses and direct their bodies towards optimal function. She makes her pilates classes interesting and tailors them to fit the needs of a particular class on a given day. She is compassionate, practices what she preaches and delivers results. As a health professional, it is so encouraging to be able to refer my patients on to someone I trust completely to do a good job."
Helen Ries
Physiotherapist and Clinic Owner, Royal Centre Physiotherapy
"As an older yoga novice I'm grateful to Amari for encouraging me to try!

Amari is a thoughtful and engaging teacher; I find her classes to be energetic, fun and inspiring, dedication to alignment and core engagement are only a small part of the class, explanation of movements in a precise way so we understand the sequence is wonderful but it's her sense of humor and good nature that make every class enjoyable.

Amari provides a relaxed learning environment which enables all of us to gain confidence whilst taking small steps on our yoga journey. My only wish is that she taught more often.

Thanks for the many hours of breathing and stretching."
Valerie Young
Operations and Planning, Children and Women's Health Centre
"I really enjoyed your body rolling workshop yesterday, I am amazed at the changes in my alignment after one class. Particularly while riding my bike. The contact area on my pedal feels as if it has increased twofold. I can't wait to get out on my mountain bike and feel what these changes do for my riding. Rolling my new daily routine."
Jason Glacken
"I just can't thank you enough. I only signed up for a year's pass at YYoga for your class and would follow you if you were to leave (but stay in Vancouver). You are also very inspiring. And I now annoy everyone talking about you and do weird things with balls and sticks and foam rollers and stand funny in public with a lax jaw. I did my first spin class with a friend in Port Moody and I will not go back to the instructor as she didn't tell anyone not to lock and hyperextend their knees when we had to balance on the pedals so I kept whispering to the people around me- don't lock your knees- 23 people with locked hyperextended knees!! I will try the y-ride at yyoga to see if it is better even though I have to wait 3 hours after work downtown to go. Form is so much more important to me now that I know that I was doing it wrong for so many years."
Samantha Barrett



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