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What is body rolling?

Body Rolling on a Foam Roller

Body rolling is an excellent tool to get to know your body and release its tension. A regular body rolling practice will help you learn about your body's hidden tense spots and allow you to instantly do something about it. You can use dowels, balls, foam rollers and many other props around the house.

While body rolling, you quickly discover your body's adhesions and trigger points. Then, using directional movement, you use the props to work your connective tissue which releases your body's tension and holding patterns.

Since the entire backside of the body is one plate of connective tissue, you can often release tension in one part of the body by rolling another, seemingly unconnected part. For example, rolling the soles of your feet can remove tension in your legs and lower back.

For more information about the mapping of connective tissue in the body, visit Anatomy Train's theory of connective tissue.



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