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What is Pilates and why practise it?

Pilates is a system of exercises, which promote a healthy posture, natural alignment and core control. Fantastic for balancing the muscles in your body, allowing you to find and work small muscles your didn't know you existed. This aids in stretching and releasing bigger over used muscles, creating a lean, flexible and strong body.

Emphasis is placed on 'moving from your core' stabilising through your deep pelvic floor, complete abdominal wall and multifidus (deep lower back muscles) This links our body and lets you move in an ergonomic and cohesive way.

Pilates is perfect for general fitness, toning tummy, inner thigh and 'bingo wings'. Its real magic lies in its injury prevention and rehab. If you have a bad back this is for you...or if you don't want one!

Breathing is an intrinsic part of Pilates. The breathing system used (back breathing or lateral breathing) aids abdominal control and promotes strength and mobility through your entire trunk.

Movements are synchronised with breathing, relaxing the mind and focusing the body.

Machine Pilates

Taught from my home studio in the West end. Using the apparatus designed by Mr Joseph Pilates himself. With the use of pulleys and springs the machinery provides resistance and assistance to your movements. This allows the workout to go in one of two different ways. Either by guiding and aiding which is good for muscle isolation when trying to overcome an injury or when trying to enhance a range of motion. Or by creating instabilities that need to be controlled by the deep core muscles or small stabilising muscles of a joint.

Circuit Pilates

This class is all about getting you moving dynamically and from your core. The body is kept continually moving with rests being simply a change of activity. Exercises go from high intensity to low, allowing your heart rate to race and rise and then slow and steady. This creates both an aerobic and anaerobic workout, burning more calories and increasing stamina and strength.



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