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Who is Amari?

Amari Stark

Born and raised living in the Sivananda yoga center, I have been practicing yoga since day one. After a severe car crash left me with chronic back pain and a variety of other painful injuries I began practicing Pilates. It changed my life! Through Pilates I found strength, alignment and posture, most importantly my core! With my new found strength I got into martial arts; Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Capoeira and kickboxing. I took my teacher training in Yoga in Spain and my Pilates apprenticeship in London. Over the years I evolved my own style of fusing Yoga and Pilates. In 2003, this inspired me to create The European Pilates Association in Madrid. I continue teaching throughtout Europe and recently made the move to North America. My classes provide a safe space to strengthen the body inside and out. Focus is always on form, proper posture, alignment and core control linking everything through breath. Get rid of your no pain no gain attitude and learn to work with your body to get the results you always wanted. Ask yourself what can a pelvic tilt do for me?



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